Exploring   Top 10 Solana NFT Marketplaces

Discover the leading Solana NFT marketplaces, where creators and collectors can engage in the vibrant world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). From Magic Eden to SupaDrop, explore platforms offering diverse features and opportunities for buying, selling, and minting digital assets on the Solana blockchain network.

Magic Eden

Known for its popularity, Magic Eden allows users to create, sell, and buy NFTs on the Solana network. They charge a 2% transaction fee and support various Solana wallets


Solanart facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of Solana-based NFTs. They charge a 3% transaction fee and support custom fees set by creators


As the first Solana NFT marketplace, Solsea assists creators in minting and selling NFTs, offering features like rarity ranks and compatibility with SPL tokens


DigitalEyes is Solana's first open NFT marketplace, supporting NFT creation, sale, and purchase. They charge a 2.50% service fee and support multiple wallets.


Metaplex provides a platform for creating branded storefronts to sell NFTs. It offers flexibility in showcasing projects according to marketplace guidelines


Alpha.art allows users to buy and sell Solana-based NFTs with a 2% seller fee.  It supports various Solana wallets


Exchange.Art focuses on 1/1 art and independent creators, charging a 2.5% fee on successful transactions


Artz is a decentralized Solana NFT marketplace with minimal transaction fees and support for the Phantom wallet


Solport offers features like user auctioning and rarity filtering, with no listing or refund charges but a 2% seller fee


SupaDrop is dedicated to independent creators, supporting various digital assets and charging low minting fees