Top 5 Fintech Software Providers in UAE: Driving Innovation in Banking

Oracle Flexcube offers comprehensive banking solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience for banks. It provides core banking systems that are upgradable to optimize operations and offer a connected and user-friendly banking experience. With its API integration capabilities, it allows businesses to connect with various third-party solutions. Support is provided through documentation, email, phone, and online channels

Oracle Flexcube

Finacle offers digital banking solutions and financial management software catering to banks, small and medium-sized businesses, agencies, and startups. Its suite of cloud-native solutions and SaaS services covers core banking, lending, digital engagement, payments, wealth management, analytics, AI, and blockchain requirements. Finacle supports modern and traditional customer engagement channels across various business segments


Velmie is a tech company providing software solutions to financial services companies globally. It offers a cloud-native platform with a modular architecture that supports customization and integration for individual clients. Velmie provides back-end technology, customized front-end apps, integrations with clients' systems or partners, and builds customizations where necessary. It has a partner ecosystem covering regions such as North America, MENA, LATAM, EU, and the UK, offering payments and compliance coverage


Bankable operates on a Banking as a Service (BAAS) model, offering a range of payment solutions. Its core virtual account management platform is available in white-label or via APIs for deploying digital banking solutions, virtual account services, card management, processing services, and payment processing services. Bankable is globally connected to banks, processors, card manufacturers, and other suppliers in the payments ecosystem. It also provides program management services, delivering end-to-end solutions for corporate and consumer payment programs

Fifth Solution Provider

Based on the information provided, I can't identify a specific fifth solution provider. However, the top four mentioned above are prominent players in the UAE's fintech industry, offering a diverse range of software solutions and services to cater to the growing demand for fintech innovation in the region