Top Underestimated FinTech Firms

Offers flexible vehicle insurance, tailored to customer needs, even for short durations like an hour


A social enterprise funding NGO projects through omnichannel organizations, gaining attention for its social cause


Facilitates buying, renting, and investing in residential real estate, simplifying processes with real-time legal and notary rules

IMMO Investment Technologies

Develops AI for accident and disaster recovery, accelerating damage inspection and claim approvals using real-time image analysis


Provides APIs for accessing financial data of small- and medium-sized companies, enabling quicker credit decisions and sales insights


Offers Banking as a Service (BaaS) layer for enterprises, providing a free sandbox and API for exploration and testing

Focuses on theme-based ethical investments, attracting millennials with over 80% new investors, especially in Environment, Social, and Governance themes


Delivers end-to-end payment-as-a-service platforms, leveraging cloud-native, API-driven approaches for seamless fund transfers


Introduces parametric flood insurance coverage with event-trigger payouts, ensuring easy and instant compensation for natural disasters

Flood Flash

Combines gaming with real-world science, offering a unique learning experience through interactive games