Unlocking Financial Success: Top 5 Copy Trading Solutions in 2022

B2Broker offers copy trading solutions primarily tailored for B2B institutional trading and investment activities. Their platform supports trading in FX, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. They provide a range of services including liquidity provision, trading tools, white label solutions, CRM systems, and more. B2Broker offers desktop, mobile, and web trader applications compatible with MT4, cTrader, and X-Station. Demo accounts and customer service are also available.


 Soft-FX offers the PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) service within their Forex Broker Turnkey solution, allowing users to copy trading activities from Master accounts to follower accounts. The platform automates profit and loss distribution and provides statistical data to help followers choose suitable Masters. Soft-FX considers various factors like risk management, trading performance, and expertise in Master selection. All PNL is automatically divided among the Master and their followers after each cycle


 Tools for Brokers introduced the Manual Copier, a social trading solution for MetaTrader 4 users. The tool simplifies social trading with a user-friendly interface available for both Mac and Windows. Manual Copier allows traders to make precise decisions about which orders to share, provide signals for multiple accounts, and dynamically examine duplicated orders. Traders can also distribute orders among different targets and monitor PnL in real-time.

Tools for Brokers:

FX Trade Tools offers a ready-to-use Social Trading Platform designed to connect individuals involved in the Forex Market. Their platform facilitates interaction among Master Traders, Pro Traders, and novices, allowing them to share experiences, insights, forecasts, and more. Users can connect with others, follow master traders, and participate in discussions to benefit from a collaborative trading community

FX Trade Tools

Brokeree Solutions offers MT4/MT5 Social Trading systems to help brokers develop their own social trading platforms. Their turnkey solution integrates frontend and backend components seamlessly and includes the Ratings & Data module to present traders' statistics effectively. Brokeree's copy trading solution is fully integrated with their liquidity bridge and dealing desk solutions, catering to full-licensed MetaTrader brokers and white-labels alike

Brokeree Solutions