9Spokes Partners with Akoya to Elevate Financial Data Access for Financial Institutions and Fintechs

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — 9Spokes, a white-labeled data platform, today has announced a strategic partnership with Akoya, a leader in the growing U.S. open banking ecosystem. This alliance is set to significantly widen the range of financial insights available to clients and their small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) customers via the 9Spokes’ platform, thereby bolstering their decision-making and financial management capabilities.

Through this partnership, 9Spokes has connected to Akoya’s data access network to enable a direct, secure, and efficient method for accessing consumer permissioned financial data. 9Spokes’ clients and their SMB customers can now tap into enriched financial insights from over 800+ leading banks across the world. This direct connectivity through Akoya’s secure APIs facilitates a comprehensive view of a business’ financial data, crucial for deepening analysis and advancing strategic planning.

“Partnering with Akoya represents a significant step forward in our mission to ensure every company has the business intelligence needed to thrive,” said Tom Baran, Global Head of Partnerships and Customer Support at 9Spokes. “This collaboration not only enhances our platform’s capabilities but also aligns with our commitment to security and innovation in financial data management.”

The partnership is expected to provide 9Spokes’ users with a wider array of financial insights and analytics, enhancing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving overall business performance using accurate, real-time financial data.

“Akoya is excited to join forces with 9Spokes, setting a new benchmark in financial data connectivity,” remarked Behram Panthaki, COO at Akoya. “Our network is designed to enable financial institutions of all sizes to safely share their consumer data with trusted entities like 9Spokes, mitigating the risks typically associated with traditional data-sharing techniques.”

This partnership announcement follows closely on the heels of 9Spokes’ recent launch of its multi-bank view feature, which provides 9Spokes’ clients and their SMB customers with a consolidated snapshot of their financial standings across multiple banks. This aligns seamlessly with the global trend towards open banking and data transparency.

For more information on 9Spokes, please visit www.9spokes.com. For more information on Akoya, please visit www.akoya.com.

About 9Spokes
9Spokes is a global data platform that supports financial institutions and fintech firms worldwide. By aggregating consented business data from a variety of sources, 9Spokes helps businesses harness powerful tools for better financial management and strategic decision-making, driving transformation within the financial sector.

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