An Era of Digital Banking


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With the Indian Government’s vision of a cashless economy and rapid development in improving internet availability throughout the nation, the country recorded over 48.6 billion real-time payment transactions in 2021 (the highest in the world) exceeding China by 162%.


Petal aims to bring financial innovation and opportunity to everyone. We use modern technology to help people build credit, avoid debt, and spend responsibly. 

When you apply for Petal, we use your banking history to instantly create a Cash Score — a measure of your creditworthiness based on income, spending, and savings history. It could help you qualify for a Petal credit card, even if you’ve never had credit before.



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51-200 employees


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Financial technology startup Chime® thinks that fundamental banking services need to be beneficial, simple, and cost-free. Working with our bank partners, we solve the industry-wide underlying misalignment between what’s best for consumers and what’s best for banks to provide better banking services and solutions.

Our goal is to make money alongside, not for, our members. Chime does not impose minimum balance requirements, overdraft fees, or monthly service costs because of this.

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Chime – Banking with No Monthly Fees. Fee-Free Overdraft. Build Credit. (2024, March 21). Chime.


PISA tests show that 22% of 15-year-olds score below the baseline of financial literacy, and the OECD points out that young adults have among the lowest levels of financial literacy. Schools fall short in teaching personal finance as no European country has implemented financial education as a subject.

Meanwhile, children are missing out on learning opportunities with mobile banks being seldom child-adapted. This often results in children not interacting with their own money, leaving them financially excluded in today’s cashless economy

“All around the world, children are taught about faraway planets or historic Kings and Queens, but they know little about how to budget or understand their finances.” 

– Philip Haglund, CEO at Gimi

How it works.

Gimi helps families manage their everyday lives. Chores are rewarded, savings goals are fulfilled and nobody needs to nag about pocket money or the next allowance.

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Brex is an AI-powered spending platform. We transform finance teams from reactive no-sayers to proactive growth drivers. With Brex, companies spend with confidence by empowering employees to make smarter financial decisions from anywhere. Brex provides corporate cards, business accounts, and global payments, plus intuitive software for travel and expenses, that makes it easy to plan and track all company spending in one place, in real time. Over 20,000 companies from startups to global enterprises — including DoorDash, Flexport, and Compass — use Brex to proactively control spend, reduce costs, and increase efficiency on a global scale.



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1,001-5,000 employees


San Francisco, California



Approximately 78% of Americans would rather bank online or through a smartphone app than in person, according to a 2023 Forbes Advisor U.S. Consumer Banking Statistics report.

Online and mobile banking are nothing new, but the global epidemic may have highlighted the need of digital financial platforms.

Kevin Cohee, the owner, chairman, and CEO of OneUnited Bank—the largest Black-owned bank in the US with its headquarters located in Boston—says that the pandemic “merely accelerated a phenomenon that was already taking place.”

The convenience of using an ATM, phone, or branch for traditional banking has diminished. During the Covid-19 outbreak, many banks reduced or shuttered their branch hours, and their customer service phone lines were frequently overbooked. It should come as no surprise that a large number of bank clients have utilized online banking services.

The AI-powered spend platform for startups to enterprises. (n.d.). Brex.