DXC Technology Launches Groundbreaking DXC Fast RISE with SAP to Expedite S/4HANA Value for Customers

ASHBURN, Va., May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, today announced its new DXC Fast RISE with SAP service, which enables customers to dramatically accelerate their S/4HANA projects and to realize the extensive value provided faster than ever before.

DXC Fast RISE with SAP allows customers to complete SAP deployments in less than twelve months so that businesses can achieve quicker time-to-value. The service is designed to be scalable, allowing clients to adapt and grow without significant disruption. By streamlining the implementation process, businesses can lower their total cost of ownership associated with SAP adoption.

“DXC is using its unmatched history and trusted client relationships and with SAP to innovate at a world-class level,” said Keith Costello, General Manager and Global SAP Lead. “This solid foundation for the SAP service line underpins our ability to distinguish DXC in the SAP ecosystem as demonstrated by our first-to-market capabilities and unparalleled IP across multiple industries.  With DXC Fast RISE with SAP, we look forward to partnering with clients to deliver the tremendous value of SAP S/4HANA faster.”

“At SAP, we’re excited to see the growth and investment in the SAP service line within DXC Technology, highlighting its commitment to expanding its global reach with our purpose-built SAP solutions. Our enduring, trusted partnership with DXC forms a solid foundation for global growth and provides an opportunity for DXC to lead with proven delivery capabilities and future-ready innovations,” says Lloyd Adams, President of SAP North America.

“DXC Technology’s Fast RISE with SAP program includes a broad assessment that helps clients to understand the full scope of the RISE with SAP transformation program. The result may be a 12-month project to migrate legacy SAP systems to S/4HANA in the cloud. It may also include additional projects to address the full scope discovered in the assessment,” said Brian Wood, Research Director, IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services, IDC.

DXC recently received the America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) Innovation Award for the DXC Fast RISE with SAP implementation at Energy Harbor and have since completed additional deployments in Europe.

To learn more about DXC Fast RISE with SAP, click here.

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