Microfinance Leaders: Leading Microfinance Companies in India


The different categories of money-related teach locked in within the microfinance space in India incorporate NBFC-MFIs, Banks, Little Fund Banks (SFBs), NBFCs, and Others (counting Non-profit MFIs).

As of 30 September 2023, NBFC-MFIs are the biggest supplier of micro-credit with an advance sum extraordinary of Rs 1,47,829 Cr, bookkeeping for 39.3% to add up to the industry portfolio. Banks hold the moment’s biggest share of the portfolio in micro-credit with add up to advance exceptional of Rs 1,18,846 Cr, which is 31.6% of to micro-credit universe. SFBs have an add-up-to-credit sum of Rs 73,118 Cr with an up-to-share of 19.4%. NBFCs account for another 9.1% and Other MFIs account for 0.5% of the universe.

Separated from MFIs, the National Country Business Mission (NRLM) also contributes essentially to the microfinance universe through its SHG Bank Linkage Program (SBLP). As of Sep 2023, around 83.7 lakh SHGs had an extraordinary portfolio of Rs 2,08,304 Cr with them.

Considering SHG outreach, the general measure of the universe in terms of GLP as of 30 Sep 2023 is generally Rs 5,84,414 Cr. MFI in India

Microfinance Leaders

Equitas Small Finance Bank: Originally known as Equitas Micro Finance Ltd., this bank is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Established in 2016, it provides microcredit to underprivileged sections of society who couldn’t access loans from mainstream banks.

Fusion Micro Finance Limited: Founded in 2010, Fusion Micro Finance Limited focuses on providing loans to micro-businesses and entrepreneurs who lack collateral. They aim to empower individuals by supporting small businesses and lending to MSMEs for housing and dairy businesses.

Annapurna Finance Private Limited: Annapurna Finance is committed to financial inclusion and serves rural communities. They offer loans to women and people engaged in agricultural and small business activities.

Bandhan Financial Services Private Limited: Bandhan Bank, headquartered in Kolkata, started as a microfinance institution. It has now transformed into a full-fledged bank but continues to serve the underprivileged through microfinance services.

Arohan Financial Services Limited: Arohan focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs by providing financial assistance for their small businesses. They operate in various states across India.

Ujjivan Financial Services: Ujjivan Small Finance Bank offers microfinance services to urban and semi-urban areas. They prioritize financial inclusion and provide loans to those in need.

Asmitha Microfin Ltd.: Founded in 2002, Asmitha Microfin aims to provide small loans to village women, enabling them to start small businesses and become self-reliant.

Muthoot Microfin Limited: Muthoot Microfin focuses on rural and semi-urban areas, providing microloans to individuals for various purposes.

Case Studies

Equitas, headquartered in Chennai, South India, maybe an energetic budgetary institution with a clear mission: to enable little business people and drive financial development in India. Specializing in giving advances to small-scale businesses, it has changed the lives of three million microfinance clients in over 12 Indian states. Since being established in 2007, the company has quickly risen to unmistakable quality and is presently a noticeable player in India’s microcredit division. Past microfinance, Equitas expands its back to distinctive divisions. It encourages reasonable lodging advances, making a difference in families realizing the dream of owning a home. Also, it offers financing arrangements for commercial vehicles, contributing to the growth of little businesses and coordination within the locale.

Introduced in 2015, Bandhan Bank positions among India’s broadest microfinance education. At first built up as a microfinance company in 2001, it afterward got a managing account permit from the Save Bank of India (RBI). Bandhan Bank gives a different cluster of budgetary items and administrations, counting microloans, investment funds accounts, and protection items. The bank’s essential center is on catering to the unbanked and underbanked populaces, keeping up a strong nearness in country and semi-urban ranges.

As a portion of the Aavishkaar-Intеllеcap Gather, Arohan Money-related Administrations Constrained is an NBFC-MFI that gives microfinance administrations to financially impeded people and micro-entrepreneurs. Established in 2006, Arohan works over various Indian states, advertising microloans for different purposes such as trade extension, instruction, and healthcare. Furthermore, the company gives micro-insurance and annuity items in collaboration with driving protection suppliers.

An auxiliary of Ujjivan Budgetary Administrations Restricted, Ujjivan Little Fund Bank was built up in 2017 after securing a managing account license from the RBI. The bank conveys a comprehensive suite of budgetary items and administrations, counting microloans, investment funds accounts, settled stores, and protection items. Ujjivan concentrates on serving the unbanked and underbanked populace, emphasizing budgetary education and customеr-cеntric administrations.

Presently working at Jana Little Fund Bank, Janalakshmi Monetary Administration is an NBFC-MFI that gives microfinance administrations to low-income family units and micro-entrepreneurs. Incepted in 2000, the company keeps up a broad arrangement of branches over India, giving microloans for an assortment of purposes such as trade extension, instruction, and healthcare. Other than microcredit, Janalakshmi moreover offers investment funds accounts, settled stores, and protection items.

Even though microfinance education has been beneficial in India, there have been controls and populist legislative issues that have demonstrated to be ominous to them. The little measure of this education suggests that they will be influenced by little unfavorable improvements coming about in delicate accounts.

Banks as a rule have different items and a guaranteed store structure. On the other hand, miniaturized scale loaning education is exceedingly subordinate to advertising for financing. This implies that at the littlest of occasions influencing commerce, MFIs might discover it troublesome to get financing.

Furthermore, banks nowadays have a nearness within the micro-lending space and they are too collaborating with MFIs through key stakes. MFIs are moreover finding it troublesome to develop autonomously without any feedback from stay financial specialists.

Microfinance Industry Organize (MFIN), an umbrella body of microfinance educate (MFIs) of the nation, in its report said that NBFC-MFIs are the biggest supplier of micro-credit among other directed substances.

In a report of the MFI segment arranged by MFIN for the year 2022-23, it said that within the microfinance space, NBFC-MFIs were given funds with credit extraordinary of Rs 1,38,310 crore as on Walk 31, 2023, bookkeeping for 39.7 percent of add up to industry portfolio.


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