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Streamlining Accounts Payable: The Power of Automation Revealed

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation refers to the systematic use of technologies to replace and enhance the traditional, manual methods involved in the accounts payable process. This process traditionally encompasses the processing, approval, and payment of supplier invoices. 

Composition of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

  • Data Entry: Automating the input of invoice data.
  • Invoice/PO Matching: Matching received invoices with purchase orders.
  • GL Code Assignment: Automatically assigning the correct general ledger (GL) codes.
  • Approval Routing: Routing invoices to appropriate approvers.
  • Payment Initiation: Facilitating payment processing.
  • Bank Reconciliation: Reconciling bank data with the general ledger.

Additionally, modern finance software provides analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to stay on top of their cash flow. For instance, if an office rent bill aligns with expectations, the system assigns the proper GL code and routes it for approval. However, if the amount unexpectedly jumps, the system flags it for investigation.

Popular Accounts Payable (AP) automation software solutions that can streamline your invoice processing, payment, and reporting tasks:

Tradogram: Our top overall pick, Tradogram offers comprehensive AP automation features. From automated invoice processing to advanced approval workflows, it reduces manual efforts and increases efficiency. Real-time budget tracking is another standout feature, allowing businesses to monitor spending closely and stay within budget.

Fraxion: Known for strong budget control, Fraxion provides real-time budget visibility. Its dashboard offers detailed insights into expenditures, ensuring spending aligns with budget constraints. Customizable approval workflows make it ideal for tailored accounts payable processes

Bellwether: Highly customizable, Bellwether adapts to diverse business needs through extensive customization options. Users can tailor approval workflows, purchase order formats, requisition forms, reports, email notifications, and product catalogs.

AvidXchange: A popular choice, AvidXchange integrates with platforms like QuickBooks and NetSuite. It simplifies tracking and submitting expenses.

The Requirement for AP Computerization

The conventional AP handle is manual and asset seriously, – including assignments such as information passage, receipt confirmation, buy arrange to coordinate, and physical check taking care of. This manual approach is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to postponed installments, wasteful aspects, provider disappointments, and potential compliance issues. 

AP Robotization can offer assistance to overcome these challenges by:

  • Streamlined Workflow:

Mechanization of the AP handle encourages a consistent and well-structured workflow. Buy orders & solicitations are electronically captured, confirmed, and steered through endorsement workflows, decreasing the chance of mistakes and extortion. This assists installment cycles and empowers organizations to acquire early installment rebates, optimizing the cash stream.

  • Improved Perceivability and Control:

Mechanized AP frameworks give real-time perceivability into monetary information, advertising superior following of budgetary commitments. This straightforwardness encourages more educated decision-making almost cash stream and liabilities whereas guaranteeing compliance with monetary directions and announcing necessities.

  • Taken a toll Lessening:

Manual AP forms bring about covered-up costs, of which labor costs constitute the foremost critical parcel. Mechanization disposes of these costs, coming about in noteworthy taking a toll on investment funds. Moved forward cash streams with perceivability and control over the liquidity permits organizations to not as it were decrease costs but to improve determining and spending administration.

  • Seller and Provider Relations:

Opportune and exact installments cultivate positive connections with sellers and providers. Robotized AP frameworks streamline the forms successfully to guarantee that installments are made instantly and precisely, diminishing the chance of debate and improving belief among trade accomplices.


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