As memecoin craze grows, Solana prices soar, Bitcoin reaches a new high, and Worldcoin

Pic Credit: Forbes


In the latest developments within the cryptocurrency realm, Bitcoin has once again surged to unprecedented heights this week, reaching a staggering $72,500, marking an 8.5% increase over the week and a remarkable 40.4% surge for the month. Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has also witnessed a notable rise of 3.8% this week, now standing at $3,900 according to CoinMarketCap data. The collective market cap of cryptocurrencies has soared by 8.3% in the same timeframe, now towering at $2.75 trillion.

The token associated with Solana, a layer-1 blockchain known for its competition with Ethereum, has undergone a tumultuous journey. After plunging from around $260 in late 2021 to a low of approximately $8 in early 2023, Solana has staged a remarkable comeback akin to a character redemption arc in a movie.

On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency surged past $160, marking its highest price since January 2022. Currently, it stands as the fourth-largest cryptocurrency (excluding stablecoins) by market cap, trailing behind Bitcoin, ether, and BNB in that order. Notably, Solana has surged by 44.8% over the month and an astounding 676% from the same date a year ago. Renowned for its NFT marketplace, the second-largest by all-time sales volume at $5.2 billion, as well as its decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, Solana’s blockchain has recently gained attention for its rapid proliferation of memecoins. This growth and traction have significantly impacted the value of its associated token.

Since mid-December, numerous Shiba Inu dog-themed tokens on the Solana blockchain, such as Bonk and dogwifhat, have experienced explosive growth. These tokens, capitalizing on the popularity of the original memecoin Dogecoin, have surged by 150% and 600% respectively over the month. Notably, the dogwifhat community raised approximately $700,000 in less than four days to feature the token on the new Las Vegas Sphere, with payments made in USDC rather than dollars.

Cat-themed tokens, like Popcat, have also witnessed remarkable gains, with Popcat’s price soaring by 3,205% over the month.

Additionally, politically inspired memecoins on the Solana chain have gained traction, including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Elizabeth Whoren, boasting market capitalizations of $71.8 million, $47.8 million, and $8.8 million respectively at the time of publication.

The surge in interest in these tokens has led to a surge in preorders for Solana Mobile’s second phone, Saga, after savvy traders realized they could redeem 30 million tokens of BONK on the device, now valued at almost a grand at current prices.

As memecoins continue to rally amidst the thawing of the crypto market from its recent winter, interest in Phantom, a crypto wallet popular across the Solana ecosystem, has soared. Its active user base has more than tripled in the past year to 3.2 million monthly active users, driven by airdrops from projects’ tokens and the overall enthusiasm for memecoins.

However, it’s essential to exercise caution, as the rapid rise of memecoins can often be followed by steep declines, sometimes within days of their launch. While some may retain value for an extended period, investors should be wary that not all glittering assets are gold.