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Sygnum’s institutional crypto market survey: 60% bullish and expect high 2024 returns 

ZURICH, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sygnum today launches its inaugural institutional investor crypto survey report, Future Finance 23. The purpose of the research is to accurately measure institutional crypto adoption, track trends over time, and profile the needs and challenges of future institutional crypto market entrants. Key themes include:

Future Finance 23 report highlights
Future Finance 23 report highlights
  • 40% of institutional investors* who planned to wait until H1 2024 to invest may be among activated group who drove Q4 2023 crypto market rally ahead of the anticipated Blackrock ETF
  • Majority of institutional investors see crypto as an opportunity to participate in expected market upside as well as a “safe haven” strategy for hedging against traditional markets
  • Single token exposure is the most preferred crypto investment strategy, recognising the ability of established blue-chip assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to generate alpha
  • New trend shows demand for tokenised real-estate higher than venture capital and art and collectibles

Lucas Schweiger, Sygnum Digital Asset Research Manager and report author, says “As the crypto industry has evolved, many institutional investors have also evolved from sceptics to evangelists, with over 80% now agreeing that crypto has an important role to play in the global financial industry. It’s now truly becoming a trusted gateway that is rapidly transforming the economic landscape.”

Fabian Dori, Chief Asset Management Officer and Sygnum Group Deputy CEO, adds “Over 85% of institutional crypto investors in our study believe that being regulated is essential to building trust. This is further confirmation that Sygnum’s founding strategy to be fully regulated from day one in all our regions was the right one.”

About this research
The survey was conducted shortly before the crypto market’s strong November 2023 rally commenced. It conducted a deep dive with traditional investors, possessing an average 10+ year’s institutional investment experience, on a wide range of topics. These range from their crypto asset allocation and investment strategies to their perceived crypto investment barriers and all-important future market outlook.

The 150+ survey respondents included Sygnum’s institutional client base and equity investors as well as a diverse set of investment professionals from banks, hedge funds, multi and single-family offices, DLT foundations, funds and asset managers. This survey was anonymous, invitation-only, and not open to retail investors. Please find the Sygnum report here.

*All data, statistics, trends, sentiment, and statements in this document and in the Sygnum research report are derived from the Sygnum primary market research

About us
Sygnum is a global digital asset banking group, founded on Swiss and Singapore heritage. We empower professional and institutional investors, banks, corporates and DLT foundations to invest in digital assets with complete trust. Our team enables this through our institutional-grade security, expert personal service and portfolio of regulated digital asset banking, asset management, tokenisation and B2B services.

In Switzerland, Sygnum holds a banking licence and has CMS and Major Payment Institution Licences in Singapore. The group is also regulated in the established global financial hubs of Abu Dhabi and Luxembourg.

We believe that the future has heritage. Our crypto-native team of banking, investment and digital asset technology professionals are building a trusted gateway between the traditional and digital asset economies that we call Future Finance. To learn more about how Sygnum’s mission and values are shaping this digital asset ecosystem, please visit

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