River launches global Bitcoin payments over text

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NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — River (River.com), a leading Bitcoin technology and financial services company, launches River Link, enabling global Bitcoin payments via text message. Users can send a River Link via text, email, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or any other messaging app. Recipients can claim Bitcoin sent via River Link to any wallet, anywhere in the world. 

Send Bitcoin over a text anywhere in the world
Send Bitcoin over a text anywhere in the world

“The traditional Bitcoin payment experience is clunky” says River CEO, Alex Leishman. “Fintech companies have attempted to solve this by making both users transact on the same app. While this improves the experience, it restricts user choice and dictates which app people need to use.”

“River has reimagined the Bitcoin payment experience with River Link. It’s a user-centric feature that matches Bitcoin’s ethos of an open network,” says Leishman.

River Link removes the multi-step process and information collection needed to pay or gift someone Bitcoin. There is no need to ask for on-chain or Lightning payment information.

“Simply enter the amount of the River Link, text it to your friend, and they can claim the Bitcoin to any wallet,” says River COO, Julia Duzon. “This experience is truly frictionless, interoperable, and open–the way Bitcoin was always intended to be.”

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About River

Founded in 2019, River is a client-first Bitcoin-only financial institution that is committed to empowering Bitcoin investors. They focus on providing industry-leading security, robust financial services, and a world-class client experience to individuals and institutions looking to invest in Bitcoin.

To learn more, please visit River.com or follow them on X (Twitter) @River.


Original Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/river-launches-global-bitcoin-payments-over-text-302015880.html